5 Wedding Photography Tips for Flawless Shots

April 8, 2021

Hiring the best photographer is one of the first things that you do to capture your big day perfectly. But is it just enough? Or is there anything that you can do to make sure each snap is flawless. Well, first of all, many factors adds up to make the wedding photographs perfect. To capture the day beautifully there are some wedding photography tips that we always share with our clients and we want to share it with you as well.

5 Wedding Photography Tips

Here are the 5 photography tips curated to make sure that your big day is photographed just how you imagined it.

1. Discuss about the sequence of events with the photography team:

Scout the destination before the wedding takes place. Talk to your photography team about the venue, and the sequence of events, so that the team can set the camera in the right position to shoot everything including your surprise dance, or your royal entry! Scout, plan and blast !

2. Express yourself and bond with the photographers:

Bonding with the photographers is just as important as the bond between the couples. Feel free to talk to the photographers if you aren’t comfortable with a pose or if you want a break. Professional wedding photographers are trained to make this process fun, but only if you are ready to express yourself.

3. From the right makeup to the attire, everything counts for a perfect photo:

While choosing the wedding dress, think about how it looks in the photo. Same goes with the make up. There will be a lot and a lot of close up candids. And you don’t want to see those freckles in those candids right? Talk to your make up artist and ensure that the makeup is photograph-friendly as well.

4. Set aside a time just for the photography on the Big Day

Let the photography timings be pre-planned. It is always best if the timings are organised and photographs are captured with the help of a time management coordinator or someone from the family. You are investing a lot on hiring the photographers, and if they don’t get time to capture some beautiful shots of the couple, all you get is photographs of the event! So, for some romantic and creative shots, ask your wedding planner to follow this wedding photography tip.

5. Set photography friendly stages:

You might have come across some wedding photos where the stage looks splendid and the couple looks insignificant or dark compared to the stage. Follow this wedding photography tip to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Most of the stage setting teams focus just on lighting up the stage only, and they fail to focus on the bride and the groom! But it is essential to have a spot light on the bride and groom for a perfect shot. Specifically mention to the stage decor team to set the stage lighting in a photograph friendly way.

Don’t rush, calm down and stay away from hurry burry. Easiness is essential to make your wedding shot look soulful and blissful. Follow these wedding photography tips and let’s not rush into things!