11 Iconic Wedding Photography Poses For Your Big Day

April 8, 2021

Every bride and groom desires to fill their wedding album with some unique wedding photograph poses. But posing for pictures can be a hectic task for many.  With countless nerve-wracking things on their minds, worrying about fabulous poses is the last thing any couple should go through on their special day.

Posing is an art that can bring out the smiles when you look at the photos, even years into the marriage. Striking the perfect wedding pose, whether it is the swaggy one, the lovely glance, the forehead kiss etc can make the couple look undeniably fun and in love.

With that said, how do you get to that flawless click? How do you make everything fall into place and not end up looking clumsy or awkward?

Fear not. We have compiled a list of super easy and fun poses that can help you get the best out of your wedding photoshoot.

Check below for the dreamy wedding photograph poses that you can’t but strike on your wedding day.

1. Up in the Air

One of the most common poses that helps to add motion and action to the picture, ‘Up in the air’ has become a part of most modern weddings. It requires some strength from the groom who will be carrying the bride in the air, both laughing and looking into each other’s eyes.

2. The Walk

‘The Walk’ is another common wedding photograph pose that we believe should be part of every wedding album. The couple can be seen holding each other, either shoulder to shoulder or hand in hand and walking slowly and interacting with each other with candid reactions on their faces.

3. The Glance

Eyes locked and the love flowing. ‘The Glance’ is a pose that has a lot of depth to it. It brings out the beauty of the affection and intimacy the bride and groom have for each other.

4. Meet in the Middle

This cute pose is perfect for symmetrical backgrounds. It involves the couple standing facing each other with some space between them. They’ll bend at the hip and reach out to kiss their partner in the middle.

5. The Staggered Couple

‘The Staggered Couple’ helps to add variation to your posing. The focus will be on one of the two people, with either the bride or the groom in front, helping to get a dynamic twist in your typical portrait.

6. The Dip

‘The Dip’ is one of those wedding photograph poses that is more difficult to pull off than it looks. It involves the groom lunging forward and dipping his bride backwards while both of them look at each other.

7. The Flirt

The couple are made to stand in a candid setting and one of them (usually the bride) is seen blushing and laughing at some comment made by her partner.

8. The Proposal

Though more of a pre-wedding photoshoot pose than one for the D-day, ‘the Proposal’ involves the groom bending down in front of the bride and extending out the engagement ring, asking her to marry him.

9. The Kiss

A kiss is one of the most intimate exchanges that can happen between a couple. Capturing the most natural kiss with the right focus and lighting depends more on the skill of the photographer than the couple striking the pose themselves.

10. The Quirky Pose

Bring out all the craziness in this pose. You can dab, scream, pull each other’s hair and do everything out of the ordinary. Whatever you do, make sure it is downright crazy.

11. Stacked

This romantic pose shows the couple gazing into the distance or at each other. The groom will be standing behind the bride and holding her close.

The poses mentioned above can serve as a good foundation for your dream photoshoot with your special person. We have left out quite a few poses, but experimenting on the ones mentioned above can help you get the clicks that can be remembered for a lifetime.