11 Most Trendy Wedding Photography Ideas

April 8, 2021

Setting a statement with some trendy wedding photography ideas is something that every couple dream of. From the save the date photos to the first dance, every picture can be captured in a unique and trendy way. Smile with your beloved, laugh with your partner, cherish every moment with the people you love and preserve those moments untarnished with these unique ideas.

Here are our top 11 wedding photography ideas that can set a trend:

1. The candid and romantic save the date moments

People have a lot of wedding photography ideas when it comes to save the date photoshoot or at least you can find a lot of inspirations. Whatever the pose that you have in mind for your save the date shots, make sure to ask the photographer to shoot the in between candid shots as well.

2. Work with the prop pose

The ravishing beauty of a wedding photography is when it is shot at the right spot at the right time. In fact, using posing properties and posing with a peer group makes it look like a dream come true.

3. Be my mirror and I will reflect your love

This wedding photography idea captures the beauty of the bride and the charm of the groom comes out the very next moment when they gaze at each other. The wedding photography taken at that point where the groom holds the mirror reflecting the bride is quite romantic.

4. Highlighting the Ring

Ring being a traditional symbol of marriage, highlighting it and posing would make the photograph look symbolic and reflects the idea of marriage.

5. Sissy my comfort zone pose

Siblings are wonders gifted from parents and who can ignore a moment with them? Capturing sweet moments with sisters show the emotion and depth of relationships.

6. Dancing drama

We all dance when we are super happy and the wedding is such a moment of bigger excitement. Wedding photographs which include such mesmerising moments make the visuals clearly breathtaking and  appealing

7. Bride and her bridesmaids

A group of bridesmaids make the wedding photography look wealthy and classy. Let them be themselves and enjoy the moment while the wedding photographer makes it much more real.

8. Jump into the life pose

This can be just like jumping into a water body series which showcases the depth in the couple’s relationship.

9. Cheers to our life pose

Posing while having tea or any sort of drinks while reading a book or a newspaper is one song the trendy posing styles which can be recreated.

10. The fun Fam moment

Family being the backbone of marriage. And to reflect that bond on photos, you don’t have to kiss on the forehead. It could be something real like this.

11. Wonders in Wedding dress

A photograph to admire your dress is a must. Let all your admiration for your wedding attire be captured in a shot like this.