9 Wedding Candid Photography Inspirations

April 8, 2021

Who wouldn’t want a wedding candid photography? Every time you gaze at these pictures, you are reliving the moments all over again. To produce a genuine photograph, all you need is a dedicated photography team and some ideas to choose from.

9 Wedding Candid Photography Inspirations

Here is a list of our top wedding candid photography moments.

1. The blushing beloved

Wedding Candid Photography
The blushing beloved

To get the ‘blushing beloved’ picture all you need to do is to smile a little too much. Your happiness will make you flush like an apple and we will click the perfect blushing shot.

2. Up in the Air

Wedding Candid Photography
Up in the Air

‘Up in the Air’ is a posed yet a wedding candid photography that everyone would like to be clicked. We capture the moments in between the pose to make is candid.

3. The big question

Wedding Candid Photography
The big question

Ask your love the big question comprising four astounding words.

We will shoot your reaction. Let’s make the world jealous.

4. The pillar pose

Wedding Candid Photography
The pillar pose

Lean on to your beloved and hold each other. Give your epic smile when the lights are all bright and shiny.

5. Clingy clicky

Wedding Candid Photography
Clingy clicky

Maintain that childish gummy bond. The photographer will capture the exact moment when you become clingy.

6. The holding hands

Wedding Candid Photography
The holding hands

Hold your beloved’s hand, look into her eyes, stare at her and walk slowly. A blurred part of a bunch of leaves is also included in the frame to bring an aesthetic beauty to the photograph.

7. Haldi-ness

Wedding Candid Photography

The happiness of a bride on her haldi is captured. For getting this picture, the bride-to-be should play with the water in a flower crowned head and a joyous face. The screen should be filled with the colours yellow and orange.

8. The bride-grooming

Wedding Candid Photography
The bride-grooming

This is a candid shot of the bride grooming herself to meet her groom. It’s shot from a relatively high angle.

9. The Entangled

Wedding Candid Photography
The Entangled

In this shot a couple is wound in decorative lights and they are made to look into each other’s eyes. It is usually set in a dim or black background.