Traditional Kerala Hindu Wedding Photography

Traditional Kerala Hindu Wedding Photography

April 28, 2021

Framehunt tries to stay close to the very best interests of the bride, the groom and their families. We enhance and amplify the emotions and feelings associated with their wedding stories. Here we have one bright story of a traditional Kerala hindu wedding.

Malavika and Gokul are an amazing couple. We are delighted about the fact that we did our best to make their traditional wedding a memorable one. A little understanding about hindu wedding culture and a lot more reference helped us to cover the event in all its glory.

The couple wished for a purely traditional wedding in an aesthetic setting. Since we are well versed in the art of handling all traditions, we were super happy to be a part of it. They made sure to point out that since we were the best among the top wedding photography studios, they were stress free in letting us handle the traditional wedding of their dreams.

We covered all the mini-events associated with the wedding, including the elegant traditional wedding shoot, the candid haldi series, the family temple visit and the classy touching photoshoot which highlights the silver linings of the candid and portrait shoots.

Malavika + Gokul

The Haldi

Framehunt Wedding Stories

The haldi ceremony which takes place a day or two before the actual wedding is a warm yellow treat for the eyes. A must have hindu wedding ritual, the haldi which happens at home is an alluring way of expressing the bride’s love for traditions. Malavika fully dressed in yellow accompanied by her lovely bridesmaids and family, surrounded by marigold decors, made sure to give us the best poses.

Malavika + Gokul

The Hindu Temple Visit

Framehunt Wedding Reels

As the traditions say, visiting a temple with utmost faith is the best way to begin a new life. Malavika in her ethnic attire, with traditional ornaments and flowers looked classy and elegant. A portrait capturing that moment is one of our favourites from the wedding. In this series, we have tried to showcase the special connection of the bride’s family with the hindu wedding traditions.

Malavika + Gokul

The BIG Day

Framehunt Wedding Reels

Eventually came the wedding day. Malavika and Gokul were helplessly in love and it showed on their faces, which made our task a little easier. The fragrant jasmines, lovely roses and their pretty emotions amplified their happiness. The traditional arrangements and the natural lighting made everything perfect. From the floral decors, lamp lights, the aesthetic architecture, the joyful faces to the traditional ceremonies, everything was ideal.

Malavika + Gokul

The Photoshoot

Framehunt Wedding Reels

Once all the festivities and traditions were done and dusted, we roamed around with the couple for two days and made a short visit to some cozy cafes. The warm interior lightings and the classic furnishing helped us to capture the real romantic charms of the couple. The golden hour and their amazing chemistry gifted us some awesome results. Our team was delighted to see the happy face of our incredible couple when everything was over wonderfully. Malavika and Gokul were shining in their traditional wedding events and we were content to be a part of it.

Malavika + Gokul

The Engagement Highlights

Malavika + Gokul

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Malavika + Gokul

The Wedding Highlights

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