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Pre-wedding photoshoots often take place 3-6 months before the actual wedding. It encompasses all the warm feelings the couple has for each other and helps to build rapport with the photographers in preparation for the actual wedding. We feel that we don’t have to sell you our services because our works speak for themselves. And if you think that Framehunt is the studio for your Kerala pre-wedding shoot, contact us now.

Pre-wedding shoots before you tie the knot!

Have a playful pre-wedding shoot in preparation for your big day.

Pre-wedding photos and videos encompass all the lovely, affectionate and warm feelings the couple has for each other.

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The start of something new and important.

There are so many factors involved in producing the best pre-wedding photos. At Framehunt, we give an impeccable amount of focus to the two factors that take your photos to the next level - a reflection of your personality as a couple and an apt representation of your emotions and love for each other. Whether you choose to have a traditional, glamorous or casual approach to your pre-wedding photos, Framehunt has the technological as well as the creative brains to turn your dreams into reality. Why wait? Hit us up today!

Your pre-wedding shoot is an important affair and these are photos that you can look at years later and reminisce about the days when you and your partner finally got that happily ever after. The ‘good old days’, you’ll call it, and Framehunt would love to be the name on your mind when you think about the architects of those beautiful memories.




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