Post Wedding Photoshoot In Singapore

May 1, 2021

At Framehunt, we stop at nothing to deliver the best wedding photography experience for our clients. So when Baala and Shankari told us that they wanted their post-wedding photoshoot done in Singapore, we obliged and went along with them to deliver the best wedding photography experience they could have asked for.

We strolled around the city for locations and settled on a beautiful park as the perfect setting for the shoot. The couple walked around exploring the park and we were able to capture some beautiful photographs of them just enjoying each other’s company.

The weather and the ambience in the park were perfect and the photos came out looking like they were out of a movie. Kodos to another work done well. Framehunt has the perfect post-wedding videography and photography packages to match your needs, be it in Kerala or your dream location anywhere in the world.

Baala + Shankari

Post Wedding Photography

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