Destination Wedding @ Kanyakumari : Minu + Vignesh

April 28, 2021

We have seen a lot of wedding trends come and go over the years, causing significant changes to how we celebrate the occasion. Of these, a destination wedding is the snazziest of trends to emerge and still stick on. And rightfully so. Because if you choose the wedding destination wisely, most of your troubles regarding the ambience and the picture perfect memories you want to have will be solved.

Whether you choose the misty mountains, the sparkling seas, lush green valleys or the architecturally rich destinations, it all goes as long as it suits your style and what you really want to have as part of your wedding. For Minu and Vignesh, love was the serenity and calmness offered by the coastal town of Kanyakumari.

Located on the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari is decorated with a beautiful landscape and the sea on multiple sides. The town with its falls, paddy fields, coconut trees and some of the best sunrises and sunsets, is a treat for the eyes. Minu and Vignesh did in fact choose one of the best places to get married in the country.

We at Framehunt feel extremely blessed to have been part of all their auspicious and special Kerala wedding moments from start to end. Shooting for this awesome and fun-loving couple was a lovely experience.

Minu + Vignesh

The Bride & Groom

Framehunt Wedding Stories

The bride and the groom had their own distinct style statements and we could see it jumping right out of them, from the way they dressed to the way pulled off the wedding photography poses. Be it pictures in which they were caught together or alone, the aura that they gave off was perfect for the mood of the destination. The bridal shoots and those of the groom getting ready were a humongous success to say the least.

Minu + Vignesh

The Venue & Decor

Framehunt Wedding Reels

An extravagant venue with the most ornate decor brought out the true party spirit and the mood of celebration. A poolside podium and dining space was set up. The couple’s space along with the rest of the venue was adorned with flowers, candles and hangings. The lighting was set up to give picture perfect photos with every click. One of the flashiest Kerala weddings was born when an amazing venue, beautiful decor, stunning lighting and the best of people were combined.

Minu + Vignesh

The Haldi

Framehunt Wedding Reels

Haldi is the most playful and zesty of all the wedding festivities. The fun and mushy couple was caught having a lively haldi celebration. The ceremony was more than just the rituals and a mini-party in itself. These photos capture the unbound joy and pure love and exudes the true essence of the ceremony. These merry haldi photos are sure to melt anybody’s heart and engulf them in a wave of emotions.

Minu + Vignesh

The BIG Event

Framehunt Wedding Reels

And then came the BIG day. Yaay! We were as excited as the young couple, because nothing gives us as much joy as witnessing two people step into the path of holy matrimony. The auspicious ceremony was accompanied by all the rituals and traditions. The couple had a different kind of glow as they made it officially into another chapter of their lives – one we hope to be full of joy and understanding.

Minu + Vignesh

The Portraits

Framehunt Wedding Reels

The wedding portraits are extra special for us because we know that these are the pictures that will make it to the walls in their homes. These are pictures that the couple will wake up to, see every day and they should always be able to put a smile on their faces. This is no ordinary task. But we take up this extreme responsibility, knowing that the beautiful results always outweigh the obstacles.

Minu + Vignesh

The Celebration

Framehunt Wedding Reels

Let the party begin. And let it not stop. Let it go on deep into the night. When the world sleeps, let this group of merry ones celebrate the bonding of two beautiful souls. The couple and their dear ones laughed and danced with their hearts full. We shot a lot of candids that night – a lot of funny, quirky and weird ones. This was by far the best hours of the wedding. We let them be and captured them in their zone.

Minu + Vignesh

The Outdoor Photoshoot

Framehunt Wedding Reels

A yellow, open top car, with a just married sign and a funky couple is all you need for the perfect photoshoot. The couple broke the ice with the camera very effortlessly and showed off their posing skills. We made some fun memories and caught some of those on camera. The photoshoot on the serene beaches of Kanyakumari was a perfect ending to their wedding festivities.

Minu + Vignesh

The Wedding Highlights

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