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Shanu | Jincy

As we were discussing our next blog came up a name that is close to our heart, Shanu... Shanu bro. Shanu spoke to us in the month of October for his wedding in January. What brought us closer to Shanu and the excitement to be part of Shanus special day was his love and affection towards Framehunt. He has been a follower of our work since his college days and when his wedding day came, he chose to call us. Its Shanus honesty and his vision about his wedding day. Shanu wanted a 'mass look wedding' so to speak. Its that innocence in his vision. Anyone who enquires about Framehunt Photography is a filmy at heart. It's that love of cinema, the music that they chose Framehunt. And we work towards delivering a work that represents that cinematic experience in music, shots and the overall experience. Shanu in that sense wanted a wedding that would appeal to a Lalettan fan, A wedding that gives an experience of watching a 'Narasimham' or a 'Raavanaprabhu'. Thats been our description to our team, to capture the 'mass look' that Shanu wanted for his wedding. A 'mass wedding' of traditional Kerala Chenda melam and Royal enfield bikes and Pancha vaadyam to welcome the Groom into the wedding hall. Then the bride and groom into the reception hall. Truly a wedding experience that gives a feel of a movie that Shanu wanted and it would make us the happiest to have our Shanu bro happy that he chose Framehunt to give him his mass wedding. On to the next wedding, the next journey.

A New Generation Wedding. ( Flashback 2013)

On a Monday morning on the way to shoot Libin and Niya's Save the date. Office calls up to talk about Renjith,of our New generation wedding fame who wanted to talk about his friends wedding photography. That name and song came to my mind. A wedding video by Framehunt photography in 2013 which became benchmark for the entire industry went on to gather 3.2 million views on YouTube. It changed the perception people had about wedding photography. Set new standards.It was truly new generation, a term that became synonym with Kerala of 2013. Kerala was trying to get out of the image of a traditional society and there was a movement in music, movies and cuisine to take risks and try new things. That's when Renjith came to us. Wedding photography until then was a routine with stereotyped shots and traditional Malayalam movie songs. When Renjith came to us in 2013 we met a groom with a clear vision and who was willing to try new things and willing to innovate with us. And that's reflected in the highlights video. The Contessa classic, icon of the 80's giving way to BMW 5 series, symbolic of how a new generation taking torch from the golden age and moving forward. The song selection speaking to the point about a wedding as a celebration of friends and family. It was something never done in any era before that. Such was the reception Renjith and Ginju took us along to Singapore for Post wedding shoot. Another 1st for Framehunt photography. The "New generation wedding video" truly spoke for it's generation. A generation that wanted more than what it was being served. And then Renjith remembered us when his best friends wedding came by. He spoke of us as a family, who spoke not just about us but for us. It's stories like this that inspires us to keep moving forward, innovating and thinking out of the box. On to the next wedding, the next juourney. Team Framehunt.

Sri | Deepu

It was on a late Friday evening we at Framehunt Photography received a call for a Hyderabad wedding. On one of the busiest days of the year, December 29 a grand wedding itinerary spread over four days and two states. It was the bride's best friend whom we spoke to in the initial days. Anchal, being the best friend and wonderful photographer herself we received a detailed idea of what the bride wanted form us. We prepared a file of our best works and presented the strongest case for us. Down to the final two we had the opportunity to speak with the bride herself, Sri. Settled in San Jose , California Sri spoke in with clarity and a beautiful innocence on the wedding she wanted. She didn't desire for an over the top wide shot wedding. A collection of 20 photographs worthy enough to be framed in her house. To look at them at any point in life, that will take her back to the most beautiful day of her life. An album of candids for her mother to turn the pages, smile, love and cherish the memories when her daughter is in sunny California away from Annavaram. It's an overwhelming challenge but one we loved. When a vision being described to you is so precise and full of emotions you have to deliver an output that matches our potential and their faith in us. We set off in two to Annavaram and Hyderabad. Two states, Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. Day 1: Pellikuthru a traditional ceremony of laughter, teasing and water play in the backdrop of purity of yellow in turmeric. An occasion that signifies the purity of marriage with a hint of joy and celebration. As per Sri's vision we laid strong emphasis on candid Photography capturing the playfulness amongst the family, her cousins and the anticipation of a wedding day in the air. Day 2: Sangeeth and cocktails. As the wedding day is hours away an evening function to give a warm welcome to the friends and family who travelled a long way to share the happiness in Sri and Deepus life. A vibrant occasion marked by a celebration of music and togetherness in the family. Day 3: Big day is here. After months and days of anticipation it's finally here. The idea of those 20 photographs worthy of being framed still ringing at the back of our heads we got to work. Capturing every moment, smile, laughter... traditions that keep us humble. It was a wedding that made us proud of our crew who worked tirelessly to capture every moment, for that perfect photograph. It was Sri's dream and Framehunt Photography had the immense responsibility to deliver. Day 4: Reception. Spending three days in the light of traditions and our rich culture it was time to let loose, celebrate the wonderful past three days. Celebration of a wedding that drew people from across boders within India and outside of it. We had to switch from the ambience of traditions and cultures to a celebration of the wedding day. We even displayed a highlight video of the past three for the audience. Possibly the fastest edit ever done. But that's the love and affection we received at Annavaram. A family that welcomed us with open arms. A bride and groom who made us feel at home like a family. A place that humbled us with it's simplicity. Thank you for your love and support. On to the next wedding, our next journey.